Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Burj Al-Arab, Dubai – probably one of the most photographed manmade structures of the modern world and a symbol of Arab opulence. Could not help but put my budding photographic skills to test. The night time low light conditions seem to have caught on my fancy. Maybe the greater challenges involved makes it more exciting.

The desert safari, a modern day concept of negotiating desert lands on 4X4 automobiles. Also called ‘Dune Bashing’, this exhilarating adventure of riding up and down sand dunes brings in unusual moments of thrill amongst the otherwise barren desert lands. It was difficult to photograph considering the fact that I was getting thrown all around inside the 4X4 all the while! Truly, it’s been quite a journey for mankind from the desert safaris of crossing hundreds of miles of deserts merely on camels to these modern day beasts of burden – the 4X4’s!

At one of the stops there was this interesting little desert lizard posing so smartly for all of us to take its pictures!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Go Shwarma!

'Shwarma' or 'Shawarma', a very common snack seen and eaten around all over the middle east. The tower of chicken meat rotating against a heater is a common sight in the road-side eateries and restaurants. The chicken is shredded and wrapped in flat wheat bread(like 'rotis', also called 'Khabutz' around these places) with vegetables, potato fingers etc. Quite cheap and delicious!