Monday, November 12, 2012

In Search of Crowns and Pearls!

Was itching to push the camera to the edge do something strikingly spectacular. So this weekend was it. And the kitchen turned into my studio. Pulled out a black tray that I use to keep my knick knack stationery and a non-stick frying pan. Filled them with water and let some water drip from a polythene pouch hung from the top.

Put to use my new Canon 320EX Speedlight on an off-camera mode (the wireless mode is great for this). The flash was basically bounced at an angle off a white paper placed just behind the tray/pan. Then after a few almost B&W shots, pulled in a blue kitchen wipe that was lying nearby and placed it over the paper to get that blue hue!

Was myself amazed to see these images - of the beauty in the fleeting dynamics of the macro world!