Sunday, November 9, 2008

Xewali (Night Jasmine)

The 'Xewali' or 'Parijat' or The Night Jasmine... I wished I could write in Assamese to express the divine enchantment this fragrant flower brings with the onset of winter in Assam. The private ritual of the ladies of the household to pick up the dew soaked foliage and bringing then into the home in the morning for offering the deities or merely for the fragrance is something which, I am sure, every Assamese holds close to his/her heart.
Folklore and mythology has it that this is one the five divine flowers brought into the earth from the gardens of King Indra of the heavens and believed to be eternally so pure that it can be offered to the deities even if fallen to the grounds. No wonder, it has been inspiration to so many a poets and lyricists in Assam and around.

'Bokakhator Puri' - Simply Irresistible!

Any feeling of extreme urge to splurge on this exquisite cuisine (sic) is purely intentional. I am sure, dead sure that 90% of Assamese or residents of Assam simply cant resist this!
This 'puri' and watery potato curry served with a chilly chutney served in a particular non-descript restaurant on banana leaves in the town of Bokakhat in Assam is an irresistible favourite of any traveller passing by.