Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Camera Writing"

While sitting in a restaurant, waiting for the orders to arrive, I came upon this idea of writing and drawing with my camera. Set my camera to very low shutter speeds of 3-5 seconds and moved the camera in small shapes as I snapped away at the coloured lights on the ceiling of the restaurant. Frankly speaking, the results were pretty amusing! As I kept repeating the thing, I could already feel myself getting a better control on the images and even started writing words!

Till the time I have posted this on my blog I am not aware if anybody else has ever tried something like this anywhere else. Neither have I googled about it yet. Nonetheless, it feels pretty good to have ‘discovered’ such an amusing form of photography.

Simply put, the practice is quite like moving a plain paper against a stationary pen to draw or write. And interestingly enough, the results are actually inverted – you just need to rotate them 180 degrees around!

And mind you, just plain old photography here. No digital manipulation whatsoever!