Friday, December 28, 2007

Kuwait Cityscapes

Some amazing cityscapes can be seen out there in Kuwait. Mainly along the seaside where most of the landmarks are built. The Liberation tower and the Kuwait Towers stand out among the highrises as the national landmarks. If you look closely at the horizon seen in the picture of the Marina with the boats, both these landmarks can be seen (lucky that my lens was wide enough at 18mm). The pictures of the Liberation tower were taken in a cold wintry evening from the seaside near the KPC corporate headquarters in Kuwait City. Had to clone out lot of specks on the pictures created by the splashes of sea water landing on the lens.

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Ashis said...

Wonderful freelancer. Scope of view is promising and hopefully the quality of photographs are not less than the work of any professional nature photographer. Wish to see more simlilar work in future.
Best wishes.
Ashis S S Swain, Kuwait