Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Little Mermaid

From The Little Mermaid show at Disney Hollywood, Orlando. A lovely stage show with spectaular 4D effects. Flash photography was not allowed and so put my SLR to good use! I have often noticed that good stage shows can be photographed pretty effectively with high ISO settings (800-1600) with little loss of resolution. Guess this is mainly because of the high intensity stage lightings used. And even though I was seated at least 50 meters away from the stage and had to zoom-in quite a bit, I was more than happy with the results here!


Pranjal said...

Beautiful colours and the frame(the way you have kept maximum space in the direction she's looking at)...without flash at high ISO that's quite good...Did you use any noise reducer like Neatimage software? Would even more appreciate if you share some more details like the Mode,aperture, focal length, lens with the body.Lovely pic..

Abyjit said...

Hi Pranjal! Thanx for the comments. I have been using a Canon 400D and a Tamron 18-250mm lens. This picture was taken with shutter priority at 1/100 sec (aperture:f/5.6) and ISO 1600. I have not used any noise reduction software so far. However, I do use Photoshop to reduce noise to some extent.
And besides the Tamron I also have a Canon IS 28-135mm and the compulsory Canon f/1.8 50mm :-)